HPS' case erectors are used globally for the food production

The KA-3x and KA-5X are our latest tray packaging systems designed for various kinds of trays and product dimensions. Further there are low cost machines for both models available.


Due to the modular configuration, the KA Series is able to load different format tools for several products and case models. Consequently, we can fulfill all customers’ packaging requirements.


The branded SPS and other branded system components allow a smooth and silent operation of the KAs. The operation with a touch panel ensures process safety, process handling and a high output.


Function: The KA series alignes the cardboards and cases at one end of the machnine and glues them at the other end, the finished boxes as transported away with a conveyor belt. We manage up to 60 cycles/cases per minute.


Key features:

Modular configuration for various customer demands

Applicable for all common trays User friendly and high process safety

Fast, safe and low frequency noise

Lasting and enduring