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NPWT - negative pressure wound therapy expedites the healing process  

Consultare Consulting is proud to represent CuraSul Systems in Singapore.  Especially in the NPWT area we can guarantee our clients and patience a quicker healing process. Negative pressure therapy for wound healing consists of wound closure (occlusion) in combination with drainage (negative pressure). By applying negative pressure onto the wound, its occlusion will be facilitated and accelerated. In general, negative pressure therapy will shorten the duration of therapy. As all current pump systems work on storage batteries, the patient may do his/her daily work and activities according to requirements with nearly no impediment (depending on the location).


By means of a pump, a controlled and locally limited negative pressure is created in a wound thus accelerating the healing process both of chronic and acute wounds. This happens by suctioning wound exudates going along with wound debridement. An existing wound edema is diminished and wound perfusion is promoted. In the following, granulation tissue is formed and a humid wound treatment without any congestion of exudates is given. The negative pressure may be continuous, intermittent or constant.


When NPWT is a closed system, which particularly by the negative pressure promotes the granulation of the tissue and thus depicts the wound closure in a shorter time. CuraSul system was developed specifically for this purpose by several patents and this is partly a unique selling point. CuraSul system implements the ideas of the user, providing a high level of innovation.