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Consultare Consulting is acting globally and not limeted to any business sector


Consultare Consulting was founded in 2009 in Singapore and ever since then has been located there and has expandet to futher sites in Europe and Asia.

Sincethe foundation we have grown ta a leading consulting firm for various industries and for all types of products. Our services are inter alia are appreciated in the automotive industry, the food and grocery industry, in manufacturing or in Semicon industries. Whether the market introduction of products and services or in  operational corporategovernance, we offer expert help to establish your company in the market. Thus, we represent companies such as Microhandling Asia from Singapore or Wave-2-Wave from America.

Through our partnerships with our partners, we are often already involved in the planning of new products and their production and thereby meet the customer requirements quickly, competent and at a high quality. We not only distribute  products but also help during the production planning, equipment installation and we  maintain your products at your customer's site. Highest quality from many years andf experience play an important role as well as our punctuality. Likewise, our clients appreciate the favorable cost structure we can provide as a medium-sized businesses at any time.